Composite or UPVc – What are the Pros and Cons?



Composite doors can be made from a selection of materials which include; wooden or steel cores, glass reinforced plastic, foam as well as uPVC.


  • Security – A sturdy door frame and tough materials to form the door make for a rigid entry system. There are multiple locks at various heights of the door making it a more uniform lock, i.e. secure locking.
  • Style – Supplied in a range of colours.  Highly resistant to weathering, so able to maintain its colour.  No need for repainting, and usually guaranteed to last 10 years.
  • Insulated – Composite doors are formed using a combination of materials, including a layer of insulation, meaning less heat can escape, keeping your home nice and warm.


  • Price – However, the benefits and usefulness should pay for themselves over time..


UPVc Doors

Made from plywood, polystyrene and plastic.  Some now include a steel core for improved rigidity as well as increased security.

UPVc Door


  • Price – Prices are usually lower than a composite door.
  • Maintenance – UPVc requires minimal maintenance; just a simple wash down is required every now and again.


  • Limited colour choice – You have a limited choice of colours compared to a composite door.