For The Ultimate in Energy Performance

Choose the most energy efficient window system money can buy with Triple Glazed windows from We-Fit UK.  Our range of triple glazing is available in a wide range of styles, glazing options and colour finishes, all designed to give you not just the ultimate in energy performance but also style and individuality.

The Advantages of Choosing Triple Glazing

UPVC triple glazing from We-Fit UK is unsurpassed in terms of energy rating performance (resulting in reduced heating bills!) and provides the perfect solution for homeowners looking to achieve minimum energy loss and make their home more efficient – our triple glazing is approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-Rated double glazing and 40% more than an A-Rated double glazed window.

  • Up To 60% MORE Energy Efficient
  • Free Comprehensive 10 Year Guarantee
  • Maximum Energy Rated A+ Performance
  • Huge range of colours, designs & glazing options
  • High Security Locking built in as standard
  • Each window is tailor-made to order
  • High Acoustic Performance
  • Woodgrain effect finishes available
  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • Save up to £766 per year on home heating bills!*

The UK’s best performing energy rated window system

Reduce wasted energy. Reduce home heating bills.

Choosing triple glazing has the potential to further reduce the heat loss from windows. It can perform up to a third better then double glazing, and is ideal for large glazed areas. In fact, triple glazing could reduce your total heating costs by up to £766 a year.

Choose the best looking frames.

We-Fit UK’s triple glazed windows feature low profiles with reflective spacers – so you can’t see them at the window edge. Clear, uncluttered sightlines ensure windows look well proportioned, elegant and attractive. And what’s more, unlike make triple glazing suppliers, We-Fit UK’s triple glazing is available in the same wide range of colours and wood grain effect finishes as our double glazing range.

Energy Rating Label

Reduce condensation and noise.

Lower heat loss at window edges (through our warm edge spacer bar) makes our glass 3-4°C warmer – cutting condensation by up to 80%. And using our unique high performance Q-Lon weatherseal gaskets with high acoustic performance, We-Fit UK’s triple glazing reduces noise pollution too.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Cut CO2.

The more energy you use for heating, the more CO2 you create. That’s your ‘carbon footprint’. Fitting energy efficient triple glazing could cut your CO2 production by as much as 4.7 tonnes a year.*