Sash Windows – Bridging the Gap between Modern and Traditional Styles

Sliding Sash Windows

For anyone making home improvements and wanting to give their home or property a more traditional appearance, sash windows are an absolute must; however, it can be a real challenge to find the style of sash windows that will work with your property.

Sash windows were first introduced to England as far back as the late 17th century and went on to become an essential fashionable element of the British home throughout the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods. With the building styles of these eras as fashionable as ever, sash windows continue to grow in popularity.

So what exactly is a ‘sash’ window? Sash windows are simply windows with a single frame for glazing, whereas many modern window styles are split into more than one frame. Traditionally, sash windows feature 2 sliding sashes that move vertically, one in front and one behind; dependent on the design, most sash windows can be opened at either the top or the bottom. In the past, unlike most modern window styles, sash windows did not swing outwards, however, many contemporary uPVC sash windows can tilt at an angle in and outwards in order to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

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In the past, sash windows usually consisted of multiple small panes of glass, held together by glazing bars, as it was not possible at the time to create especially large panes of clear glass. However, although many people still choose a more traditional style for their home, especially if they live in an older property, modern advancements mean that sash windows can be fitted with two sashes featuring a single pane of glass each.

As fashions in terms of panes of glass changed a lot throughout the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods, it is important for modern home owners to take note of the fashions of different eras if they are looking to create an authentic traditional look for their home. Sash windows should match the style of other features of the property.

For some home owners, especially if they are traditionalists or are working on a listed building, timber sash windows will be essential. However, modern uPVC sash windows make an excellent substitute and are available in a number of woodgrain styles, such as white woodgrain, cream woodgrain, rosewood and golden oak, helping to create traditional aesthetics.

uPVC windows are much cheaper than genuine timber, costing as much as 40% less. uPVC is also proven to be extremely energy efficient, helping to reduce energy bills, and is low maintenance compared to timber, which needs regular care. Modern uPVC sash windows are extremely weather resistant, withstanding all weather conditions.

With the increasing popularity of sash windows and uPVC sash windows in the UK, it is not only traditional styled homes that are fitted with them. uPVC sash window styles are popular features of masses of British homes, from traditional conservation projects, through to new builds.

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