Do you need replacement double glazing?

Double glazing has a life span; how do you know when its time to replace your double glazing?  Here are some tell tale signs:

1) Leaks

If there is water leaking in through your frame, the window’s weather seal may have failed.  If not, the drainage section could be blocked.

If you have had your double glazing for a long time, they may be out of date, in which case we recommend you upgrade your current windows.

2) Condensation

If condensation has formed between the two panes of glass on your double glazed window, you have a major problem.

Condensation indicates the seal surrounding the two panes of glass has a leak; this means the gas cavity between the window panes is not sealed.  If this has happened, you need to consider replacing your double glazing.

3) Damaged glass

If your double glazed glass window is cracked, chipped or broken, you need to replace the glass straight away.

4) Draughts

If you have a draught coming through your windows, it indicates the seal has broken down.  If you feel draughts flow between the window frame and the brickwork, this means the window sealant may have failed.  If this has happened, you will need to replace your weather seal.  We recommend upgrading your existing double glazing to a newer, more robust type of double or triple glazed windows.

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If your windows are affected by any of the above issues, call us on 0121 779 7801 or email us. We make our double and triple glazed windows with the latest technology; we also offer a ten-year guarantee from the moment they are fitted.

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