Hygienic Work Surfaces

For kitchens and bathrooms, Glass solutions Solaglas has carefully selected a range of applications, colours and product features that reflect our thinking, experience and understanding, or both trends and suitability.

However, Vitrio is ultimately flexible in terms of its wider possibilities; therefore, please use the information below as a guide and contact us if you wish to discuss a particular requirement.

Hygienic Work Surfaces


  • All glass is manufactured to order in the UK
  • Extra clear, low-iron glass as standard (standard float glass on request)
  • Safe and extra strong, Vitrio toughened (tempered) glass to BS EN 12150 where appropriate (all splashbacks and kitchen surfaces as standard)
  •  Bespoke shapes and curves can be incorporated
  •  Paint is applied on the back face of the glass which gives Vitrio its depth
  •  Cut-outs for plugs, taps etc can be incorporated
  •  Vitrio has a layered painting process f or uniformity of colour
  •  High impact resistance – 5 times that of annealed (standard), non-toughened glass (‘X5‘)
  •  Vitrio uses specialist non-leaded, moisture resistant paint
  •  Heat resistant up to 250oC
  •  Vitrio has a thickness of 6-19mm dependent on application
  •  Hard material resistant to bending, scratching, abrasion
    or cutting
  •  Vitrio is suitable for writing on – with the correct pen!
  •  Completely stain resistant
  •  Vitrio is UV stable
  •  Hygienic – perfectly smooth surface so bacteria can’t linger
  •  Ready for use and no on-going maintenance needed –
    no sealing or polishing
  •  Easy to clean and maintain
  •  Back arriss painted as standard meaning no large unpainted gaps
  •  Available in large sizes to give seamless surfaces
  •  Q-Mark 3rd party quality accredited by BM TRADA
  •  Bespoke, corners, edgework, thicknesses, colours and colour
    matching service available

If you require any  further information on the Vitrio product range, please contact our showroom on 0121 779 7801, or drop us an email.