We-Fit UK Ltd

Consumer Feedback Report

Survey Results 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014 Inclusive

This is a copy of a letter we received about our consumer feedback report.  We have copied it word for word to bring it to you.


Consumer Feedback ReportThe Consumer Protection Association believes that it is vital to evaluate both the professionalism and quality of every member’s work and the most effective means of establishing this is by asking their customers what they thought.

The chart to the left displays the scores customers awarded the company in respect of their overall performance.  These scores are supplied by all customers when they apply for their Insurance Backed Guarantee upon completion of their home improvements.



Bar-ChartWe also ask customers to appraise how they found their dealing with the member with regard to specific issues. The analysis of the survey is contained in the graph to the right.

The purpose of the survey is to assist our members in maintaining and where possible, improving their standards of professionalism, quality and service.

Customer confidentiality has been respected throughout.

Consumer Protection Association