Conservatories have been a popular addition to homes for many years, providing you with extra living space and somewhere to enjoy your garden throughout the year whilst sitting in the warmth of indoors. It is a well-known fact that adding a conservatory adds value to your property should you wish to sell it. With the benefits that a conservatory offers you in mind, which style of conservatory would you choose to suit your home?


gable conservatory

A Gable conservatory is a style that works really well with older properties and has a real sense of presence. With a square floor plan, the Gable style conservatory has a vertical front roof section, helping to maximise the feeling of light and space in your home and creating an impressive, almost imposing looking structure from the outside.


victorian conservatory

The Victorian style of conservatory is extremely versatile, working well with all property types and ages. For this reason, Victorian conservatories are amongst the most commonly seen styles throughout the UK. In most cases, a Victorian conservatory has either 3 or 5 front panel facets, and can be distinguished by a relatively steeply pitched roof, with a ridge of ornate detailing running along the centre apex of the roof.


georgian conservatory

This is a similar style to the Victorian conservatory, however, it is flat fronted, whereas the Victorian normally has an angular front. Whereas the Victorian style is all about grandeur, Georgian conservatories usually have a more understated appearance, and so they are an ideal choice if you aren’t looking to detract attention from the overall aesthetics of your house.



Sunrooms are also known as lean-to conservatories, as they are usually rectangular shaped, with a roof that leans onto your home. This simple style of conservatory have a completely uncomplicated appearance, making them suitable for all styles of Birmingham home. For houses where the roof has lower eaves, for example a bungalow, conservatories with high roofs are not suitable, so a sunroom may be your ideal choice.


Lantern conservatory

The Lantern style of conservatory creates a fantastic, elegant visual statement. This is an old style of conservatory that was used for orangeries before conservatories were so popular. You can easily spot Lantern conservatories, for their distinctive style of roof; the Lantern style’s roof has two different levels, creating a real look of grandeur. Lantern conservatories are ideal for older properties, such as Victorian and Edwardian homes, where a more modern style would not match the grand aesthetics of an older home.


bespoke conservatory

If you feel like there is no single style of conservatory that properly suits your home, have an unconventionally shaped garden, or would like to combine elements from different styles, you can work with conservatory installations experts to design a bespoke conservatory to suit your home. No matter how unusual or outlandish your plans, ask an expert and you may be able to fulfil your dreams.

Artisan Conservatories

While you may have the image of a uPVC, white conservatory stuck in your head, new Artisan conservatories look like real wood and can be provided for most styles of conservatory, in a number of colours. Whilst made from modern materials, Artisan conservatories help to create a very traditional look.

If you are not sure about the style and size of conservatory that you would like, you can contact We-Fit UK and we can come to you and help you design your dream conservatory.