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Full Installation in Solihull

Full Installation in Solihull Sash Windows As part of the installation we fitted our unique UPVc vertical sliding windows, which combines cutting edge technology without losing the traditional authentic box sash character and style. With the strength and durability of the old timber box sash and incorporating all the classic features such as Georgian bars, decorative horns and deep [...]

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Integral Window Blinds For Double Glazing

Integral Window Blinds For Double Glazing The safest window blind on the market today Whether you have vertical or Venetian window blinds; they all seem to suffer with similar problematic areas. They gather dust and constantly need cleaning Require maintenance and can be awkward to operate They are noisy when the window is [...]

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Double Glazing Windows

Double Glazing Windows Double glazing refers to the use of two panes of glass in a window; the space between two panes is filled with Argon Gas which acts as a insulator.  People choose double glazing windows to reduce heat loss, saving money on their energy bills, add value to their home, reduce noise and maintenance [...]

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Like us on our Facebook Fan Page!

Like Us Make sure you visit the We-Fit Facebook Fan Page and give us a like. You will find out about some of our recent installations complete with pictures, news updates, information on the latest regulations relating to windows, doors and conservatories.  You will also find out about our latest competitions. If you have had new windows, [...]

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Consumer Feedback Report

We-Fit UK Ltd Consumer Feedback Report Survey Results 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2014 Inclusive This is a copy of a letter we received about our consumer feedback report.  We have copied it word for word to bring it to you.   The Consumer Protection Association believes that it is vital to evaluate both the professionalism and quality [...]

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Sash Windows

Sash Windows – Bridging the Gap between Modern and Traditional Styles For anyone making home improvements and wanting to give their home or property a more traditional appearance, sash windows are an absolute must; however, it can be a real challenge to find the style of sash windows that will work with your property. Sash [...]

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UPVc Door or a Composite Door?

Composite or UPVc - What are the Pros and Cons?   COMPOSITE DOORS Composite doors can be made from a selection of materials which include; wooden or steel cores, glass reinforced plastic, foam as well as uPVC. Pros Security – A sturdy door frame and tough materials to form the door make for a rigid [...]

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Conservatory Roof Conversion

A conservatory roof conversion; you can enjoy your conservatory all year round with .  A tiled roof will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter. Thanks to our warm roof system, you can turn your conservatory into an integral part of your house, while still enjoying the added light a conservatory [...]

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Choosing the Right Style Conservatory for Your Home

Conservatories have been a popular addition to homes for many years, providing you with extra living space and somewhere to enjoy your garden throughout the year whilst sitting in the warmth of indoors. It is a well-known fact that adding a conservatory adds value to your property should you wish to sell it. With the [...]

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UPVc Products

UPVc Products from We-Fit   UPVc Windows Birmingham Replacing your double glazed windows can change the look of your home, and increase its value.  We-Fit have a wide range of double glazing UPVc window designs to suit your home.  You have never had so many options; our double glazed UPVc windows are supplied in a [...]

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